The company ‘Plastic Alliance’ was established at the end of 2012 with the ambitious goal to create ecologically clean goods of polycarbonate—profiles and thermo washers, which are necessary for the creation of an entire system for installation of constructions out of polycarbonate. The company has at hand new highly technological equipment, which allows the realization of a completely waste-free technological process, which does not emit harmful particles into the atmosphere.

All our products carry the brand ‘ECOPLASTICА’ and are intended for the Bulgarian and European market. We are the only Bulgarian manufacturer of polycarbonate profiles and thermo washers.

Our manufacturing facility is located within Balchik.

During the last decade, a number of new materials have received a lot of attention, one of which is polycarbonate. The unique optical and physical-mechanical attributes of the polymer material, allows it to have a wide variety of usages, such as in construction, light installations, medicine, aviation, advertising, etc. One of the most popular products today is polycarbonate plates. As with various other materials, working with them requires a strict technological procedure for the installation and use of the additional elements and components, the most important of which are the polycarbonate profiles and washers. These products, carrying the brand ‘ECOPLASTICA’ of our company ‘Plastic Alliance’, allow the installation of polycarbonate plates to be simple and fast. 

For the manufacturing of high-quality profiles, it’s required the usage of high-quality polycarbonate capsules made out of UV-stabilized polycarbonate. The polycarbonate profiles have an extraordinary resistance to impact, flexibility and hardness and are a powerful transparent material. They have a wide temperature resistance – from -50 to +120 C, and those are qualities which are extremely valuable in construction. Because of that, they are often preferable to other polymer materials. 

The company Plastic Alliance manufactures all types of profiles made out of polycarbonate, which are currently used for installation of cellular polycarbonate plates. Taking into account the conditions for installation, a certain type of profile is used: for closing polycarbonate plates-edge profiles; for connecting to plates, while at the same time attaching them to the construct –connecting profiles, both assembled and unassembled: for a corner installation-corner profiles: for connecting plates with ridged profiles for ridges, for the installation of cellular polycarbonate plates to a wall-wall profiles. Besides that, our technology and modern machines allow us to manufacture and distribute thermo washers to our clients, which are used at the time of installation of the polycarbonate plates, as well as the installation of all types of advertising materials.

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