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Connecting non separable (solid) profiles are intended for multi-wall polycarbonate sheets mounting - connecting panels and fixing them to structures. It is significant that for panels with thickness 4 mm only these profiles are produced. 
These polycarbonate profiles have an H-section, that is why they are often called "H-profiles". They are produced from polycarbonate granules of world-leading manufacturers.

The colour spectrum of the profiles corresponds to the colour spectrum of other polycarbonate plates offered on the European market; colourless, blue, green, bronze and white.

Connecting profile

• Nonseparable connecting profiles are mostly used for multi-wall polycarbonate sheets mounting in small structures with short joint length. They are especially popular in seasonal greenhouse buildings. 
• Transparent polycarbonate H-profiles are also used in outdoor advertising and interior structures, as well as reliable and unobtrusive connection between other kinds of plastic products. 
connecting table2.jpg

• transparent clear; 
• transparent toned: 
• blue, 
• green, 
• turquoise, 
• bronze;
• light-diffusing white opal 

Mounting recommendations: 

The mounting of the connecting polycarbonate profiles to a construction is done with the help of self-screwing bolts every 30sm. It’s recommended the use of thermo washers, so that the appearance of vapour can be avoided.
Holes in the profiles should be made beforehand. Their diameter should be 2-3 mm bigger than the one of the self-screwing bolts.