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Edge polycarbonate profiles (varying from section and shape, are also sometimes called U-profiles) are intended for closing end panel hollows of multi-wall polycarbonate sheets (own profile for each panel thickness!).

These profiles can also be used for framing list, panel and plate edges from other rigid materials, with correspondent thickness.

Polycarbonate edge profiles are manufactured from a UV stabilised polycarbonate. The edge profiles have all the priority of polycarbonate fashioned goods: nimbleness, resistance to extreme conditions, water-proof, fire-proof, etc. They have been designed to be able to be used outside.

The color spectrum of profiles is identical to the color spectrum of multi-wall polycarbonate sheets presented on the European market.

Profile length matches the standard panel width. 



Installation recommendations:

Profile is tightly mounted on the panel (sheet) edge with the correspondent width, making sure it is secure to prevent sliding. Profile design allows it to be fixated on the panel edges, thus eliminating gluing or any other additional fastening.

When an edge profile is used at the bottom part of a polycarbonate profile, which are parts of a heating construction, it’s recommended that openings are pierced through the inner side of the profile, with a diameter of 5mm and a distance of 300mm, to prevent condensation.

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  1. Multi-wall polycarbonate sheets protect against dust and moisture penetration.

  2. Edge polycarbonate profiles give aesthetical completion to the structures designed out of multi-wall polycarbonate sheets, because they ideally coincide with panels in production material and in appearance, including color tones.

  3. The edge profiles can be used as a decorative framing and/or as protection for regular glass edges, Plexiglas edges and various others.