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The Ridged profile, as its name states, was created so it can establish a solid connection between the polycarbonate sheets in the area of ridges on semi-transparent rooftops.

It provides an easy installation; estheticaly finishes off a construct, giving it a modern and pleasant feel. 

Polycarbonate ridged profiles are characterized by characteristics peculiar to this material: lightness, resistance to extreme shocks, moisture resistance, fire safety, low thermal conductivity, frost-resistance.

Profile is adapted for outdoor usage.




  1. Roof ridge shaping from multi-wall polycarbonate sheets fastening it to the structure frame.

  2. Coupling angle joints of multi-wall polycarbonate sheets at angles > 90°.

  3. Multi-wall polycarbonate sheets protect against dust and moisture penetration.

The profile combines perfectly with polycarbonate plates with the type of the material as well as itws colour. Thanks to this profile, see-through constructs made out of polycarbonate, look better and more aesthetically pleasing. 

Installation recommendations:


The profile is mounted at the end of the polycarbonate panel, making sure to leave 4-5mm space for the temperature extenders.