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he polycarbonate thermo washers are a knot for the supporting of polycarbonate goods and other types of plates to the structure.

It consists of:

A profile with the form of a crossed cone with a diameter of 30mm at the base and diameter at the top 14mm. Its height is 8mm and as a central opening with a diameter of 5mm, for a self screwed bolt.

A cap made out of polycarbonate, which hermetically seals the washer and protects the self screwed bolt from outside interference.


Advantages of installations using thermo heaters

1. Reliable attachment
Because the thermo heater has a diameter which is optimised for all thicknesses, which provides a reliable and safe attachment for plates made out of polycarbonate to the construct, even under extreme conditions.

2. Long-lasting 
The thermo washers are manufactured using UV stabilised polycarbonate, which guarantees  their resistance to weather conditions.

3. Water and hear insulation
The thermo washer was created specifically so it guarantees a heat and water insulation to the connection. Using thermo washers in the installation of a construct eliminates the possibility of leakage and cold drafts. 

Thermo washers 

The thermo washers are available in the following colours:

-transparent blue;
-transparent green;
-transparent red;
-transparent yellow;
-white opal;

Installation recommendations

In order for the heat enlargement to be compensated, the openings in them should be at least 2-3 mm larger than the diameter of the bolts.
For the mounting of plates with length larger than 6m, the openings have to be along the length.
The openings in the plates have to be at 4 sm from the edge.